Water Testing

Test Your Pool Water With Ease

Trust us for pool water testing services in Minden, LA

Your pool is a significant investment. Do your best to keep the water under control with Caribbean Pool Supply. We offer pool water testing services in the Minden, LA area. To take advantage of an in-store pool water test, all you must do is collect the sample from elbow depth in multiple locations. This will guarantee that you have a representative sample.

What does a pool water test look like?

Our in-store pool water tests will give you the peace of mind you want. Once you request one of these tests, we'll:

  • Test the sample for chlorine levels, bromine levels, pH, calcium hardness, stabilizer levels and total dissolved solids
  • Analyze the test results to determine the current water chemistry levels
  • Compare the results to recommended ranges for pool or spa water chemistry to identify any imbalances or issues

From there, we'll suggest specific chemicals and provide instructions on the dosage and application methods. Schedule pool water testing services today.

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